Filling out an Express Pre-Rental Reference Form

You will find our form in the section FORMS at number 2

The client asking for a reference check – usually a landlord or a tenant looking to transfer his/her lease- must fill out section A of the form. The information in this section must include an email or fax in order for us to be able to send the results and it will be used on the invoice. A common mistake made in this section is omitting to write down the cost of rent (mandatory) and sending the request form twice. If the latter occurs, please communicate with our offices as quickly as possible at 1-800-267-1519 and we will gladly confirm the reception of your request form and make sure there are no double charges. It is also mandatory for the client/landlord or his/her representative to sign the bottom left-hand side of the form.

The remainder of the form is to be filled out by the potential tenant (one form per person) and it is mandatory that he/she sign the bottom right-hand side of the form giving Oligny and Thibodeau Inquiry Services Inc. legal consent to conduct the proper verifications.

It is highly recommended by the Quebec Rental Board to verify the veracity of the tenant’s personal information (name, last name, date of birth) with official identity cards such as a valid driver’s license or Medicare card. The tenant’s personal information must be clearly written and complete including a full address (civic number, street name, city, postal code). Missing information can lead to an unsuccessful search in his/her credit file or criminal record.

Send in your Pre-Rental Reference form on our website click here

or by email at or by fax at 450-348-5695 before 11AM to get your results the next working day before 11AM. 

The detailed report includes our recommendation concerning the tenant’s file and if you should lease out to him/her as well as all the information uncovered from the different verifications. All inquiries are payable in advance by credit card. It is possible to pay your request on our 100% secured online boutique by clicking here.

or add your credit card information along with the form in an email/fax or you can call one of our agents at 514-856-7723 extension 0 to leave your information with them (toll free: 1 800 267-1519).

Transfer of lease:

If a tenant wishes to transfer their lease, they must proceed using their information as the client and simply handwrite “Transfer of lease” at the top of the form. The charges are also payable in advance by credit card. It is possible to pay your request on our 100% secured online boutique by clicking here

or add your credit card information along with the form in an email/fax or you can call one of our agents at 514-856-7723 extension 0 to leave your information with them (toll free: 1 800 267-1519).


The client (or their representative) is responsible of verifying the identity of the potential tenant, especially the date of birth and address, by verifying official pieces of identification therefore, they have declared to have verified the information before submitting the report and in this respect; the landlord renounces all recourse against Oligny-Thibodeau Inquiry Services Inc. For any and all damages including unpaid rent, deriving from an erroneous conclusion, ensuing that the landlord didn’t correctly verify the identification of the potential tenant. Furthermore, the landlord is conscious that the final decision of signing the lease is exclusively theirs to make, and that the Oligny-Thibodeau Inquiry Services Inc. cannot be held responsible in any way for damages caused to the landlord, including unpaid rent. The result of the inquiry does not exclude doubt and cannot be guaranteed.

Our report includes:

  • Credit verification
  • In-depth verification at the Tribunal Administratif du Logement
  • Legal verification
  • Criminal legal verification
  • Civil audit (bankruptcy, judgment, consumer proposal and others)
  • Report obtained in 24h (opening days)
  • And others


48.00 $ tx

per investigated person

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Services tailored to fit your needs

COMPLETE Pre-Rental Inquiry

COMPLETE Pre-Rental Inquiry

As a landlord, it is crucial that you proceed with caution when choosing a new tenant. The Pre-Rental Inquiry offered at Oligny and Thibodeau Inquiry Services Inc. is the most complete tenant screening out there and at the lowest price. What’s more, there are no membership fees. Report obtained within 24 hours (working days)


EXPRESS Pre-Rental Inquiry

EXPRESS Pre-Rental Inquiry

Oligny and Thibodeau Inquiry Services Inc. is offering a new type of pre-rental verification service called an “EXPRESS” PRE-RENTAL INQUIRY. This inquiry offers extremely useful and essential information to help property owners decide whether to accept or reject the application of a potential tenant in a timely manner and at a low cost.




The Oligny and Thibodeau Collection Agency Inc. is still the industry leader after nearly thirty years of relentless work. Outstanding balances and delinquent debtors are no match for the agency’s tireless professionals. There are no membership fees for these services in fact, they are result-based fees as well as commission-based (between 20 and 25 %).


Pre-Employment Inquiry

Pre-Employment Inquiry

The Pre-Employment Inquiry is an exhaustive authentication of your candidates up for employment. This includes credit verification, references from former employers and a criminal background check all of which is offered at the best price on the market and there are no membership fees.


Commercial Investigations

Commercial Investigations

Going into business with new contractors or suppliers is much safer when you are aware of their business’ financial history as well as lawsuits they might have had against them. Commercial investigations are quick, easy and worth the peace of mind they can get you and no membership fees are required for this service.


Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check

Oligny and Thibodeau Services Inc. conduct thorough background checks everyday revealing anyone’s criminal offences using official police records. Available Monday through Friday, results within 48 hours (same-day if the request is sent in before 11AM) at the best price on the market.



What they think of our pre-rental inquiries

« Thank you very much for your wise advice! It’s great to be able to count on your company. Thanks to you, I was able to avoid getting involved with tenants who were not very solvent and avoid serious problems on a few occasions. I will recommend your company to anyone who wants to use services such as the ones you offer. »

Gabriel Gagnon

« I did a pre-lease credit check and needed more information to make my decision. I spoke with the owner, Mr. Oligny, who is committed to customer service. He took my comment into account without hesitation. Professional and fast service. »

Janie Provencher

« This investigation service is truly incredible! I highly recommend it to all owners to avoid undesirable situations. Very good walking, very complete, very fast, very good customer service, and 25 years to prove their abilities. Anything we could ask for. »

Etienne Beaulac

« I discovered Oligny & Thibodeau on the forum of real estate enthusiasts. Their surveys are really detailed and easy to understand. The result is ultra fast. Customer service is A+. For the pre-rental, it’s the best! »

Jean-Alexandre Lacroix

« I made a request to experts for a credit investigation for a future tenant, their work is always professional and complete at a very good price. The report is very well done and quick and complete. They explain and are available to answer questions. Very good company! Thank you to Mr. Thibodeau for answering my questions and thank you to all the team who are very professional. »

Tina Stecko

« Inquiry made the same day as the request, Excellent service! »

Malik Aouar

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