Collecting commercial and personal overdue accounts

Are you stuck with a debtor who just keeps wasting your time and money and you just don’t know what to do anymore? Let our expert collecting agents get to work on your overdue accounts and take the stress out of this situation. Leaders of the industry since 1992, if there is any chance at all that an account can be collected the Oligny and Thibodeau Collection Agency Inc. will collect it (within the debtor’s realistic budget). The agency’s goal when working your account is to minimize costs and maximize the chances of collecting.

There are no membership fees for these services in fact, they are result-based fees as well as commission-based (between 15 and 25 %). No hidden fees, not one dollar will be taken from you without your authorization at first.

A 25$+TX fee is required to open each file unless you send us 10 or more files from the start.

ICO Collection Software :

The Oligny and Thibodeau Collection Agency Inc. uses only the most reliable technology like the ICO Collection Software which was created specifically for collection purposes. It is designed to closely monitor thousands of debtor files and keep the payments up to date which helps maximize the agency’s success rate.