Quick and user-friendly, the electronic signature is a great tool for landlords and potential tenants in the process of filing a pre-rental inquiry without ever having to leave home or the office!

8 Perks to Using the Electronic Signature

  1. Completely free : Oligny & Thibodeau inc. offers it’s clients the possibility of using this preferred method of signing on their official forms with no added fees.
  2. User friendly : Be sure to head over to our simple detailed instructions on how to proceed when using the electronic signature by clicking here.
  3. Sign from anywhere in the world : Both landlords and potential tenants can be in totally different cities – countries even – and still be able to file a pre-rental Inquiry with our company simply with the help of a computer, tablet or smart phone.
  4. No more paper : No printer at home? No problem! Landlords and potential tenants no longer need to print forms in order to sign them. Everything can now be done by email.
  5. Quick and available anytime : In just a few clicks the required documents can be signed and sent to all parties involved at any time of day, seven days a week.
  6. Legal in every way : Our company’s screening methods are always up to date with the law as we aim to provide our clients with the most efficient results.
  7. Eco-friendly : Reducing our use of paper is always a priority.
  8. Safety during the COVID 19 Pandemic : By using the electronic signature, landlords and potential tenants respect social distancing rules. This poses less risk to our clients in regards to contamination with this virus.

Please call 514-856-7723 Ext. 0 if you wish to use an electronic signature in your next Pre-Rental Inquiry.


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